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07 June 2008 @ 11:22 am

So, I just had my prom last night~ It was pretty fun. I liked looking very pretty in my pictures~ I never, ever actually look good in pictures but I actually like these ones! Or at least the one I saw with my friend (I'll try and get it from her later to post :3) But we all left early because none of us wanted to be int he middle of the humping mob.

But post prom! Post Prom was great! I had some yummy snacks, we on inflatable bouncy games and played a lot of black jack.

A LOT of Black Jack. We were trying to win myself a Wii (such a touching group effort, my friends. We should have gotten it because we used teamwork! This is what crappy movies have taught me) But Alas, I was the only one of my friends to come home empty handed. But it was still insanely fun. I wish I could do it again XD

But the good news is, since I have no dresses to alter, I can work on my cosplay~! Hurray. I swear, as long as I get the cape done I can get the rest together no sweat...but the cape scares me :3

Anywho, off to walk off all the cookies I ate. Ta ta~!
26 May 2008 @ 02:41 pm
So, last week my friend and I were reminiscing about pokemon, as it basically was the entire 3rd grade for us (despite we didn't really know each other back then)so we wanted to go buy fire red and leaf green, so we could re live those good old days with halfway decent graphics. They were 35 dollars a piece per game, and we didn't think that was worth it so we went back to our houses to get some old crappy games to trade in. So we had a satchel full of games that the employees actually let us trade in....and it totaled up to 91 dollars. Which was awesome. So I bought her a wii game as well as the pokeymanz, and it was a good day.

So, the past 18 hours of my life have been dedicated to that. I've found that it's really great for playing on my recumbent bike~. and I've toally lost 10 pounds, which is awesome. I'm so close to squeezing into a size 8 <3

Oh~ I also caught up with the Ouran manga, and it's so insanely good. I forgot how awesome it was <3 The character development has been amazing (especially for the twins) and I'm counting down the seconds until the next chapter is scanlated. Awesome.

So, yeah, life's great~ Hope everyone else is doing awesome as well. The summers creeping closer!

...I have to buy a new prom dress. I can't fit into my old one anymore <3 which is great! But I'm really sick of having to keep buying new dresses, dress shopping is simply not fun.
06 May 2008 @ 08:17 pm
whoo! Japanese trip last sunday, and it was awesome. Though unlike last year, we actual got to go to the botanical gardens for the Sakura Matsuri.

Some of the girls on the bus though, were a tad annoying. Nonstop singing of over sexualized songs and bragging about their lesbian orgies. Though I found a group of kids from my class and we spent the day together, it was awesome.

I hadn't realized people cosplayed to this japanese culture event.....it seemed really inappropriate really and I think they looked a little out of place. Though we had a lot of fun! And I bought a lot of strawberry soda when we got to jersey. Though no Karaoke, which is sad since I missed out of Jeremy singing the thong song last year~.

So I had a great time, and the next day in class The 4 I hung out with (Jeremy, Ben, Anzu/Caroline, Gillian) came, and Alexa came. So we had a great time then too!

I'm totally gonna miss those classes, but I'll definitely keep in contact with these guys in the summer. Kick ass.

Now, to go googling to find a Karoke place nearby~
27 April 2008 @ 04:38 pm

I know, I know. I totally suck. Like, a lot. I come, I angst and I disappear. GRAGH.

I've just been really preoccupied lately. They fired Amanda at work, so work 3 or 4 days a week again with my Japanese and art classes. So generally, it's a pretty full week. And I've also been more active and stuff~ Either on my bike or walking outside in a futile effort yo lose a little weight and generally be healthy.

Uh, as far as my college angst goes, I'm going to UArts, and I'm actually pretty psyched about it. It's a nice school and instead of dorms they have apartments! Neat! And no meal plan, so I can stick with my healthy eating (maybe)

But, uh, I'll hopefully be around more, and I'll comment on your new entries and stuff!

I'll be a good el-jayer~

Also, a bit of a random question but if anyone knows anything about casting resin please drop a note :D; I'm trying to do just that but I'm entirely too confused.
17 February 2008 @ 10:02 am
Oh my god. I had the worst day at work. My job is just way too 'hands on'.

I had to help put down a cat. The owner was wailing and bawling in the other room.

I had to help put down a dog. The owner was wailing and bawling outside the vets.

And then...a dog we saw earlier came in. He was supposed to be healthy, he was fine. But he was having breathing problems so we had to do something that instant. I came in and short of threw the dead cat that was on the surgery table into the treatment room and had the hook up the dog with an oxygen mask. The IV hook was missing, so I had to hold the IV fluids to. And...we tried. We really, really, really tried to get this dogs heart to start. We tried fucking everything. But he died. The owner was screaming and sobbing uncontrollably. Then her daughter came and did the very same.

then her father came....and he was positively livid. He was saying awful things to Dr.J. At that point though, I had left. I was done with my work and in a bad mood from being around sobbing people and dead animals for five hours.

GUH. I wasn't even SUPPOSED to work yesterday. But I guess...life experience is good.

Next journal, fandom stuff. I promise &hearts!
09 February 2008 @ 07:11 pm
Man, I had so much to say. All sorts of fandom stuff that people care about too. But I'm just so angry right now it's just gndflkjgnsdlfslfgnldfgnlsgnraaagh.

I swear, my mother is driving me crazy. We have two sets of car keys. TWO. She leaves the car here because her boyfriend is bringing her out to dinner in HIS CAR. and she takes both.

honestly, fuck her. She's left me alone in this house almost all week. I've had to walk to work in back in the cold and rain because she was out and about in her car. Now, I've got a few hours to go SOMEWHERE DIFFERENT and she takes both sets of keys.


I can't wait for college. I'll be thousands of miles away from her. Thousands.
28 January 2008 @ 01:36 pm
oh man, I have such a stomach ache. I was at Ymun from thursday to Sunday and ate nothing but greasy food most of the time because we had no time between meetings.

But, it was still pretty awesome really. I would have rather talked about carbon emissions over land degredation becuase being japan made me seem like god. But there were some really smart and really awesome delegates. The meetings dragged on though. During the last hour, I just wanted out of that stupid room.

we had 2 three hours meetings a day, but they were always interesting because we had some really fun chairs and it was small committee (39 people at the most) and I had some kick ass room mates as well~

But back to the meetings. As soon as we sat down for the last meeting on Sunday, they said we weren't going to talk about carbon emissions at all, and we had delegate superlatives. Which involved a walk off, a dance off, a pick up line contest and offensively making fun of various cultures by using an accent from our country. And we had some improv and other stuff~ It was really great fun and all us delegates got along so well. I kinda want to do it again :]

Though our school can't afford to go anywhere further than Yale XD;

But...yeah! that's what I've been up to. Fun times~~
16 January 2008 @ 06:57 pm


yesyesyesyes. Oh man, I'm so excited~~~~~
13 January 2008 @ 04:17 pm
wow, does it seem I'm dead? I haven't done much computer stuff in general. I've been pretty good about my exercising so I've been on my recumbent bike most of the time (5 pounds down! lets get another 25 down too) Which ultimately has me playing more video games (You know? The first sonic the hedgehog game can be pretty hard XD;) and I've been preparing for midterms. I'm to worried really, I only have 2 academic classes.

Hurray for end of the first semester though! I can't wait for advanced Graphics. half of my graphics class failed, the half I dislike. It's my favorite class...but I hate the jerks in it so much. Though my website is coming out pretty nice~ I regret ignoring photoshop's slice tool for so long now.

So, uh, I'm working on icons right now. Not a lot, but some from Princess Tutu (which I just got around to finishing in December thanks to the box set. It was amazing.) and such, probably goo doujinshi hunting today as well~

aaaand that's about it. I'll probably keep quiet for awhile just because I have a MUN trip coming up. Gah, I have to write my god damn paper.

02 January 2008 @ 01:00 pm
thanks guys for the support! it really made my day :]

onto new angriness.

So I was just logging with rukariel via g-mail, and I got an email from myself saying "Niou smiled at Yagyuu not knowing that his whole entire Period 5 class
was reading his deepest and darkest secrets."


how fucking dare those insolent bitches go into my mail account and read my mail? I'm so fucking livid. I haven't been this angry in a long, long time. I have no intention of tolerating this, and am already considering legal action. My dear lord I'm so fucking pissed off. I'm gonna talk with the web design teacher the moment school is out (I stayed home because I was sick. Now I'm fucking regretting it)

I'm so goddamn angry, I can hardly think straight.