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きせき の つばさ

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Ordinary Girl

:16 year old girl
:Likes to be 'creative', hopes to get into art school
:Favorite subjects are Theatre and Japanese (I take classes at Yale)
:Biiig Japanophile
:Loves anime, manga and J-rock
:Huge Prince of Tennis Fangirl
:Yaoi fangirl, not going to lie :]
:Wants to be friends with you <3
With a twist of Lime

:My favourite colours are lime green and pink
:I like plaid!
:My favourite flavour is Strawberry Kiwi, closely followed by Honey Mustard
:My favourite animals are sheep, snakes and wolves
:My favourite song right now is Starry Heavens by Kimeru
:I really like Sanrio characters! Especailly Chococat! But it makes me sad seeing hello kitty in fishnets and bonage gear in hot topic
:I think Gothic Lolita clothes a pretty! As soon as I lose wieght I'll get a pretty pink dress
:I think Stomache ache's are the worst. You can't do anything bu writhe in pain until they're over
:The first Prince of Tennis character I saw was Kamio, in an LJ comment.
:I love it when cats sneeze
:I name my things. I Acutally named my Second iPod Kamio-kun!
Thank you for...

:LJ journal lyout credit to reversescollide
:The characters featured in my Layout are Mello and Near from Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata's Death Note. I do not own ze boys <3

Thank you all very much!
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide